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Struggling and outcast

Her negativism is fueled daily by sneers and preconceptions.

Two fatherless boys cling-

One to her hand, one to her leg

Confirming to some her ignorance and worthlessness.

She carries a tattered Bible.

It has been her comfort in lonely hours.

A light in a dark world.

Mounting the steps in apprehension

Her children respond to her anxiety

Clinging tighter.

With all of her self discipline

She fights the desire to turn and run

Safe into the haven of their two bedroom apartment.

Their haven of isolation.

From a spirit near brokenness, she summons courage

And resolutely pushes open the heavy wooden doors.

And you, Oh man of God,

How will you react when you find her sitting on the pew

Wide eyed and motionless?

A picture of fear and longing in a tattered dress,

Her sin and shame worn vulnerable on her sleeve

As she shakes your hand.

Is your vision clouded by what you see?

Do you not comprehend what God has called her to become?

Have you forgotten the state you were in

When God first called you?

It will not take her long to figure out

If you do not genuinely love her.

She has been conditioned to spot this early.

And if she never comes back to your church

Will you silently acknowledge another soul lost to hell?

Sure at least where you are going?


Psalm 37 says

That the Lord will uphold the righteous.

I believe there will be some surprises on Judgment Day

For who are the righteous?

Is it the professing Christians dwelling in temples made with hands?

Or is it the many scattered

Who worship in spirit and in truth?

perhaps it will most likely be a little bit of both.

Brother and sister Christian

Let us always extend, without partiality and judgment

Warm, open, and loving arms

That comfort and accept

Instead of extending the right fist of fellowship

That knocks good people down

And drives them away.



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Preacher man: “Jesus I went out and I bought three word help books, Vines Expository and the like…they cost me $50 each. I studied them diligently to make sure exactly what You meant about everything. I know you are pleased with me.
Jesus:  “it’s just a simple book. Holy Spirit, Father, and I, made sure that a seventh grader could understand it. Or someone with no money who couldn’t afford those word helps. Pure hearts receive it and obey it. Other people try to study it into what they want it to say.
What if your grandmother wrote you a letter from Germany. It was in German, and when you got it in the mail, you got your friend who was fluent in German to translate it for you. Would you be relatively happy with that translation and overjoyed to hear what your Grandmother had to say to you? But just in case you weren’t quite sure, what if you brought in 24 different translators all fluent in German, and with different dialects and from different parts of Germany…and all of them together agreed on the very best translation for you. Then would you be happy with that translation, or would you have to buy your own book of German, to try to explain away that one line that was really bugging you? (because surely Grandma couldn’t have meant that you couldn’t ACTUALLY stay out late with the ladies without running into bad consequences).
It’s just a simple book. Kind of like a fairy tale really. In fact all of the fairy tales you have ever read are rooted in it. A good girl does what is right against all odds, gets ridiculed and treated badly, but she is kind, and compassionate, and extremely heroic in the face of danger, and ultimately the Prince takes notice and marries her. She becomes royalty. It’s just a simple book. The ultimate fairy tale to those who are pure at heart and for those who can……..but……..believe…..”
 “When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth; for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come. He will glorify me, for he will take what is mine and declare it to you.” ~ John 16: 13-15

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Lots going on this year! Finally being able to garden being one of the highlights…Close proximity to family another!


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