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There are few joys that compare to having the opportunity to give two needy families 20 organic tomatoes and peppers plants that I grew myself.

Oh Lord that they catch an interest in growing their own!  Wait a minute- that is already starting to happen!

I believe that if hungry people with very little money could catch the old fashioned wisdom of growing healthy food, they could come out of poverty!  And in this way they would be miles ahead of the affluent who haven’t yet learned the value of pure food.

As long as growing our own food remains a legal practice (and frankly I’m not sure how long we’ve got left to do this)….as long as we are allowed to grow our own food, we will survive and thrive!

Don’t give the hungry money, give them seeds, and take the time to teach them how to grow.   If they catch the vision, you will have helped a generation, and possibly several generations.

Peas are starting 🙂

Peppers are still tiny, so they still need to be protected,

Tomatoes are tiny too.  I’m protecting them their first nights out,

(carrots, parsley & radishes beside them)

Strawberry box.  Onions & chard starting,

Share the love!

Thank you Father for the brilliance and beauty of food….organic, the way YOU designed them!






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