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11. My friend Sarah:  She is my God-surprise.

12. The snow under the sun.

13. A husband who walks with me even when his leg is killing him.

14. A husband who talks with me even though my talking scares him half to death most of the time.

15. A younger sister who is up for ANYTHING!

16. An older sister who re-entered my life!  (what are you doing with this one God?)

17.  A brother who organizes our trips up to Mt Robson every year and who will wait for me on the trail.

18. The same brother who loves nature almost as much as he loves God.

19. A sister-in-law who is not giving up on her and I.

20. A brother-in-law who is closer than a brother.

21. An old church shepherd who has a heart of gold with all love it’s wisdom.

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