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I’ve Joined “Walk With Him Wednesdays” blogging group.
I know it is not Wednesday today, and I will try to do them on Wednesdays from now on.
Since this blogging community is about posting spiritual practices that draw us closer to His heart, I wanted to begin with an older post of mine The life of a Child.
I believe that becoming more and more like children everyday will draw us closer to Him.
Click here to read: The Life of a Child

Join Walk With Him Wednesdays Here
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I’ve joined the Gratitude Community…click on the link below to view more… (I’ll try to post once a week, but can’t guarantee it)
I’m beginning my first what I’m grateful for today…The goal is my first 1000 I believe….i yi yi…..here goes…

1. Sunshine on my shoulders
2. The joy of having watched my children grow into beautiful adults
3. Jesus on the cross
4. Winter turning into spring
5. The willingness and ability to still dream of rivers behind cottages
6. Butterflies on roses
7. A 47 year old body that still motors up steep mountains
8. A husband that likes to walk with me and inspires me to walk
9. A family who loves me
10. Wedding rings placed on naked fingers

Want to join the Gratitude Community? Giving thanks is good for the soul. They say it can change your life..(?) I’ll let you know…

holy experience

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I’m playing around with some Home made Greetings Cards ….Let me know what you think? (click on photos to enlarge)

Breast Cancer 1:


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