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He is imperfect.  And he is not enough.  He is not Prince charming.

He cannot wave his wand and make all the pain disappear.

He cannot wave his wand and bring on the happy life.

He falls short. He lets me down. He breaks my heart from time to time.

But that is just becase he is not Jesus.

It isn’t his fault.  He’s only human.

I looked to him for my salvation.

(But when he crashes, dives, and burns….. ultimately all is well).

Because I had “forgotten” that he wasn’t Jesus, but I wasn’t completely and hopelessly without the knowledge.

There is a plan B.   (our plan B is almost always our plan A…. we just forget and put our plan B first).

So I retreat back into plan A….

Plan A is always the best plan. …..Quietly into the woods with my Bible.  I find Jesus.

I find perspective.  I find solid ground.

I find forgiveness.

I go home to my husband.  I hold his hand.  Enough strength for both of us now.

Remembering who is The True Prince Charming and from whence….

My help cometh from…..


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Pneumonia, that’s what I’ve got.

Time to move out of the RV and into a hotel for the winter!

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I awoke to the rain pattering on the roof of our RV.

Heavenly.  Gave me the cozies.

Was a while getting out of bed.

I mean, really, wha cha gonna do?  Can’t step out the door cause yo’ feets gettin’ wet n muddy.

So you lay and you listen….tinkle , tinkle, tinkle…. The tinkles are a little harder now and you imagine a typhoon…okay so maybe not.

You cuddle up to the warm bear beside you, (who thinks that means party time). 😉

(They always think it’s party time).  Bless you gentlemen.

Finally pulling out of the warm covers, I don my big sheepskin slippers and venture down into the living area of the RV, turn on the propane heat (Yes!), light the pilot light in the oven, and turn on the  hot water pump.

Papa bear is still cuddled up under covers.

Mama bear longs for warm apple juice with a cinnamon stick in it.  So I light the stove and begin warming the concoction.

I reach for the black coffee cup, but…no….there is a better one.  Perfect for a day like today.

It’s my Warren Cup.

As the hot apple splashes into her, and steam rises out of her, and I see Warren’s cute little face…grasp it, hold it near as it warms my hands and my heart.

He’s one of my best friends.  Threw me a line when there was no one else to help.   Gave me a “job” working for Perfect Sound Studios.  Paid me heavily for things I didn’t do….just because I needed the help, and he knew it.

The help never stopped coming…no matter how long my plight lasted….he was there to see to it that I didn’t end up on the street…..Sometimes I wondered if maybe he was going to put himself on the street in the process.

My hands wrapped around the cup…maybe I’ll never be able to repay him monetarily or otherwise.  But I can pay him through my respect.  His is the cup that brings the greatest joy, and is the right choice for just such a morning as this.  Oh, I know it’s just a cup, but it is from Warren’s studio, and it means the world to me.   His is the cup that makes everything continue in perfect morning.

Mr. Warren Schatz producer, arranger, sensitive friend extraordinaire.  May God bless you and shine upon you….May you come home to Him forever and for always.

With the greatest love & respect,

Your friend,


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