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Here is a great idea to  improve your relationships!

Take the time to write ‘101 Reasons” why you love  (spouse, daughter, son, friend etc).

Send it to them in an email to make their day.  It is the most wonderful exercise to give and to receive!

Here is one I wrote for my daughter:

101 Reasons to love Jannah:

1. She would give anybody in need the shirt off her back if they asked.

2. She almost always says “yes” and not “no” (babysitting for Jazzy, giving rides etc), unless she is sick or had pre-arranged plans.

3. If someone asks to borrow something, and she has it, she gives it to them

4. She tries to keep in touch with old friends & acquaintances & invites them back into her life ( i.e., Clint & Janet, Jim Jackson etc)

5. She will listen to her friends’ problems on the phone (or in person) for hours on end.

6. She has the most amazing Golden eyes that you have ever seen (even without makeup).

7. Her hair is glorious (with or without product in it).

8. She is a whiz at typing (it’s disgusting, really)

9. She is kind to strangers.

10. She has a tender spot for the handicapped. (more…)

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