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But only one that maters…

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for your sins.

Jesus Christ is coming soon to judge the world.

It may seem the world and what is going on here is oh so big, and oh so important.

That is what satan wants  you to believe.

The only thing that is important is your soul.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.  Love others ….100% selflessly (more…)

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Thirty-five years is thirty four and three-quarter years too many to be away from home.  That’s how long it’s been since I left the Rocky Mountains for good.

I was twelve when we moved to the city.  I didn’t fit in, but I struggled to learn her ways and gain acceptance among the other twelve year olds.  Tough row to hoe for someone without previous experience or practice.  My mountain friends (which mostly consisted of six brothers and sisters) didn’t care if your jeans were dirty or had holes in them.  The girls didn’t care if your hair was shiny, straight, or had a lovely style.  In fact, we mostly left our hair alone since combing through unruly curls and knots proved way too painful and time consuming.  Bath time between seven consisted of a large tin tub filled with creek water carried in by the boys and Dad, and boiled on a wood stove.  I was the fourth of seven, so really, by the time I got into the tub, even though the water was dirty, it could have been much worse.  Imagine if I’d been the seventh child!  Poor baby sister, June!

I really did try to get the hang of socializing the way city kids are prone to do.  I tried too hard.  I failed miserably.  Looking back now, I can’t say I ever really grasped the urgency of popularity, the humiliation of non-brand names, or the condemnation of hanging with the “undesirables.”

Up to this point my social life had consisted of playing “tag, you’re it” with rabbit droppings that were super hard and flew super fast toward their target.  Dodging them among the trees proved exhausting, but exhilarating.  Another favorite pastime included digging for days our underground two-room fort covered by sheets of old plywood.  It was amazing, complete with steps carved out of the clay-like soil and smooth shelves for candles chiseled into the walls (we were sooo good!).

Adventure was the order of every day, not appearance, popularity, or company kept.  Adventure on the railroad tracks, for miles and miles, searching for pretty rocks we called agates; adventure near the rivers while sucking sweet willow branches (even the ants enjoyed them- we knew we were onto something!); adventure in the meadows filling our bellies with any one of thousands of wild blueberries (try to get them before the bears arrive!); and doing perfect pushups down into the crystal clear water to quench our thirst.  The adventures never stopped in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia- our home in all of her wild and untamed glory.  I believe I was perfectly happy. (more…)

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This blogger has gone camping in the Canadian Rocky Mtns for 1-2 weeks.   I’ll write while I’m gone and update with pictures when I get back! But dont’ expect me to look pretty in the pics…ha ha ha  🙂

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Ephesians 5:   25Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her 26to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, 27and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.

He is my Man


I am his Garden


He has the power


to: Grow me Beautiful


Or cause me to die….DyingRose_DST3170

Think of your woman as your garden.

Imagine God sending down from heaven a beautiful garden:  Given right to your very hands as a precious gift from Him to you.

It’s amazing and beautiful!  All of the colors blind you in their brilliance, her shadowy corners mysterious and inviting.

Then you hear His voice:

“This is your garden, son.  I need you to tend to her and take care of her.  You will have to present her to me on the final day, so take good care of her and make me proud.”

Your garden is your wife.  Will you water her daily and give her the nutrients she needs?  Will you make sure she gets the daily dosage of sunlight that she needs? And the parts of her, and the seasons that that require shade, you won’t deny her this either?  You will learn her needs.  You will become an expert gardener if you want your garden to thrive in her beauty, and remain the prettiest garden in your neighborhood.


pd1626481Of course you would if it mattered to you.  Of course you would if you cared passionately for gardening.  How much more than your garden are you called to love your wife?

Let’s say you’re not a gardener.  You really don’t have the skills when God presents this garden to you.  And yet, because you love God and want to please HIM, you set out to learn everything there is to know about gardening and your garden in particular; according to the needs that her varieties present.  It’s OKAY if you don’t know much about gardening.  You will probably have to read every manual (gardening book) you can get your hands on, then you would probably spend a lot of TIME in your garden, learning her ways, her likes (just a gentle sprinkle of water, not a harsh stream) and her dislikes (too much fertilizer!)….and so it is with your wife. You get the picture.  The preferred and best method is spending time in your garden though…there is only so much a manual can teach you.

Take it one step further.  You are the home or the “house.”  She is the garden surrounding you.  Her condition is a reflection of your work ethic, your passion and your caring toward her.  If your garden is overgrown or unkempt, this is a reflection of your neglect.  If her foliage has long since faded to browns and withered like straw, this is also a reflection of your neglect.  You don’t’ want to spend time in your garden anymore, and you begin to avoid your garden and the work that comes with it….you would like to blame the garden itself, but you know deep in your heart that she is not to blame.


We love you guys…we married you because we love you.  We want to work with you…we want to be beautiful and prolifically beautiful for you.  But hard as we try, there is only so much we can do.  And without the proper nutrients we will wither up and die.

However, with copious amounts of sunshine, water and soil nutrients (that translate into your love, time, and tending)…we will yield for you, the most AMAZING kinds of fruit you have ever tasted.

We think we have the power.  Sometimes you think we have the power.  But the real Power lies in your hands.  You have control over everything: our love, our respect, our sex lives, our getting behind you and lifting you up (our complimenting your yard), your position in your community, your legacy, your children, your prosperity…everything!

And when everything else fails, and you have done all you could Mr. Gardener: Every farmer knows how far prayer goes in yielding the best crops.

Gentlemen LOVE your wives,  and watch everything fall into place.


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“…these are a few of my favorite things…”

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We are now in limbo.  The wedding is over (the reason we came to Canada for the summer…son’s wedding).  Fall is around the corner and with it will come my interview in Montreal for my Green Card (a necessary process so I can come and go into the United States without all that border hassle).  After that we will visit some of Tim’s family in New York and as Traveling Mercies Ministries (Missionaries, sent out, but really just following the guiding of the Holy Spirit and trying not to lay down our own agenda), we’ll see where He leads us.

Meanwhile, the dreamer in me has been thinking about all that moves me…I mean the stuff that matters and still has the power to stir the hope, love, innocence, awe, and the beauty within me. When all of the non essentials and the non thrilling  have moved out of the way, I find that time and time again, I am left only with the simple things in life …mostly the things that have come from the hand of God Himself.  (more…)

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