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There comes a time in our quest for healthy living when, in order to be purposeful, we may have to be extreme.

I mean, let’s face it- do we want a life change or not?  Are we willing to make a few sacrifices that will ensure success?  If the answer is yes, the good news is that through trial and error, I’ve already found some solid extremes that work for me and may work for you as well.

EXTREME 1: It All Starts At the Supermarket….

If you don’t put it in your cart, you can’t bring it home! And if it’s not in your home, you won’t be tempted to eat it. Yes, it’s really THAT simple. Shop extremely smart- make it a fun challenge.  See how many healthy things you can buy to make the most delicious meals.  While it’s true that health food and organic foods can be the most expensive, if you aren’t buying all the other “crap”, your grocery bill can be cut up to half.

Here is a typical list of things that I bring home when I shop: (more…)

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You can NEVER tell your young adult that they are acting all grown up enough times! Similarly, you can never tell them that they will ALWAYS be your BABY enough times either (they love to hear both!)

No matter where you travel, the smells of nature in your own town always seem the purest on earth.

When you are younger, parties and dresses, best friends and boys, seem the most fulfilling; when you are older porch swings and yard flowers, rivers and the old man beside you, seem the most fulfilling.

Men will NEVER fully understand women, and women will NEVER fully understand men…(we can only make decent guesses based on behaviors observed).

Books and study are a good thing, counsel and fellowship are invaluable, but the persistent and diligent exercising of love will eventually find EVERYTHING out (more…)

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I was the enamored kid.

My ears were amazed at what they heard.  Songs like “Beat it,” “Billy Jean,” and “The Way You Make Me Feel” mesmerized me and took me to a cool, free, and happy place.

I watched my brother Matt pull up his collar, imitate that high throaty gulp, and slide backwards across the floor in perfect moon-like fashion, while belting out “The Man in The Mirror.”

I was amazed at the Michael Jackson in my living room, on my ghetto blaster, and vibrating against the walls of Teen Disco.  Not only was I amazed, I believed.  Believed he meant and felt everything he sang.  I could feel his spirit in every song.  I knew they were the portals into his soul, and I liked who I found there.  A fan was born.

And this is music in its truest and highest form- an extension of the artist- an exact representation of the person.  It’s like what Jesus was to the Father: an extension, but the same being; a separate body, but the same spirit. Few artists VERY few, have the ability to give us the full essence of who they are…all the colors of their soul…..Michael certainly had this ability, and when we listened, we got it, and we believed! (more…)

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(This title borrowed from C. S. Lewis seemed perfectly fitting)

As a musician who’s just about seen and heard it all, music has become predictable, hum-drum, and rarely has the ability to move me deeply anymore.  I left the thrill factor back in the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s.  Ahh the days when music was a living and breathing entity unto itself, and not a contrived thing of fashion!  In the years to follow it would become over worked and over analyzed, counterfeited and pitch corrected, synthesized and dehumanized.   Until finally: The dead thing on the radio.  Lifeless. Fabricated. Spoiled.

Forgive me my harsh critique.  Blame it on my age.  Blame it on my journey of late, to find the fresh and innocent in all of life.  Blame it on my unrelenting quest for all that is good, and real, and alive!
But don’t blame it on narrow-mindedness, shelteredness, lack of experience, the inability to let loose, or a complete lack of joy in my heart.  None of that is the case.
I wait patiently like a cheetah for the gazelle.  Enough of rabbits!  The gazelle is worth waiting for and when she finally comes into view, you can be sure the cheetah will pounce!
And so it is with good music.  And had you been around, you would have seen me pounce last night.

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